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We need funding and volunteers to make all of our projects a reality. You can donate to the general running and expansion of the Foundation or to specific projects. Click on the projects below to see what we doing within each one and exactly what we need.


Banking Details

Account: Hope for Life Foundation
Bank: FNB Namibia
Branch: 281872 (Windhoek Corporate Centre)
Account: 62268439661
Reference: School


Search for Hope for life Foundation in your PayToday app.
Reference: The project you wish to support

Drop Off Donations

5 Tünschel Street, Pionierspark, Windhoek


CFC, 4 Golf Road, Windhoek. The road between Arebbusch and Truckport


Pregnancy Support Centre

Providing loving counselling, support and training for all women and men in Namibia facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Bare Necessities Project

Providing clothing, nappies, baby milk and food parcels for those children in need throughout Namibia.

Business Starter Project

We can give food and clothes but once the food is eaten and the clothes are worn the person is the same off as before. Or we can teach them to earn an income.

JoyHouse Children's Village

Providing a home for life and a future for abandoned and orphaned children in Namibia and raising them into mature adults and role models.

Send a Child to School

With a good education and skills, a child can become a productive member of society. We are changing the world one child at a time.