The Bare Necessities of Life

Every Tuesday and Thursday we do community visits to families and pregnant ladies in need in Windhoek. We listen to their story and see how best we can help uplift them.

One of the ways is to provide food and clothing parcels. Through generous donations from the public, we have a store of clothes, toys, toiletries and some basic food items that we can provide to help make life a little easier.

Help out

What We Need

We will gladly accept any new or second hand items that are clean and in good condition and that you would still be proud to use yourself.

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Office: 081 266 5544

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Monetary Donations

PayToday: Hope for Life Foundation

Account Name: Hope for Life Foundation
Bank: FNB
Branch: 281872
Account Number: 6226 8439 661


  • Nappies/diapers sizes 0-5.
  • Wipes
  • We also accept reusable wipes and nappies/diapers.
  • Lactogen formula 1 and 2.
  • Infacare formula 1 and 2.
  • Sanitary Pads


  • Clothing for babies and children up to age 18.
  • Shoes in all sizes for girls, boys, men and women.


  • Nutritious food items such as beans, split peas, pilchards, peanut butter and canned fish.
  • Staples such as rice, oats and whole-wheat flour.
  • Fresh fruit and veggies such as apples, butternut, sweet potatoes and beetroot.
  • Healthy treats such as popcorn, dates and raisins.

parcels distributed

Parcels in 2021

Parcels in 2020

parcels in 2022

All since May 2020

It feels like we have only just started but it has been over 2 years already.  We love to build personal relationships with the people we serve so we visit them in their homes to see how best to help them.